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Casting Rolling

At the beginning of our production procedure, pure aluminium ingots are liquified using an efficient burning system. After this phase, they are transferred to the holding furnaces.

At this point, aluminium is cast in a low and continuous flow, without human intervention; it is filtered on line for oxides, further treated for hydrogen removal and then processed next to the casting wheel. The hot strips that emerge are, in turn, processed onto the hot rolling mill, successively followed by a quenching bath and then onto the cold rolling mill. At the end of the line, the coils come out in varying sizes.

These coils are transformed into: slugs and discs.

The quality of these products is assured by:

The excellent running condition of the production machinery.

The competence of our staff and its continuous training.

The readiness of our blanking tooling department, where we make our own tools.

The fully equipped quality control department, which thoroughly controls every stage of production, from the melting of aluminium up to the final product.

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